ace is her headed, and she would like to how and how to save too much restraint. The Isaca Certification emperor hated iron, why the palace is her masters rather than you headed You have not married, they began to fear the inside. Huai Wang was the emperor to see blush, and vague said her main inside my main thing, both inside and outside the perfect match, we both are headed, are headed. Silly child will be bullied, no, must live in the palace. Huai Wang is the case, the emperor is not assured.Hai Wang efforts to persuade the emperor, live CISM in a palace in the ceremony is different, two are not convenient. Father, she has a little s. ister, the future will follow her, do not let the child also live in the palace it Little fire you say that, I CISM it exam think of it. The emperor was reminded by the Huai Wang, your little princess is not because to protect her sister, and Mu Wangfu against, a war fame Her little sister, free you brought into the palace Come on, I want to see this caused the Mu Wangfu and An Yuhouhou dispute the little girl, what is the character. Huai Wang heard your little princess , the heart is very receptive, but let A see the emperor, he was not happy, said Aru grew up in the mountains, the pet is a small dog and small Leopard, this child is. not docile temperament. The emperor scoffed, blind worry about what That little girl even if naughty naughty, do I and

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